Online Pokies

Online pokies are considered the biggest game at most online casinos nowadays including Sol Casino, which offers a great range of games and an excellent gaming experience. With Sol Casino, players can expect all of the top pokie titles and thrilling 3-reel and 5-reel variants.

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Select Your Favorite Game

It is important to know how to choose the right slot machine for you. The best slot machine for you is the one that has the perfect combination of volatility, return to player, bonuses, and limits.

When you play a real money slot, it is important to look at the payback percentage and the stakes. The best way to improve the odds of the slot machine, in the long run, is to choose a great slot machine and play the money you can accept and afford to lose.  

Each player should determine a budget and stick to it. This will allow you to enjoy the game more since the budget will last for the whole game. Of course, before determining the budget, each player should narrow the options of the slot machines and choose the best for them.

Get Acquainted with the Capabilities of the Slot Machine

To understand the nature and capabilities of slot machines, players need to look at how developers build the games. Nowadays, players can test gameplays and study the pay tables in detail.

Players can browse through all the online slots and get acquainted with the features of each pokie such as gameplay, payback percentage, volatility, bonus rounds, and many other features and capabilities.

All slots have a bit of overlap. Therefore, it is not difficult to learn how to win at slot machines when you fully understand how the machines work.

However, all players who love slots know that they depend on luck more than skill. Yet, understanding the capabilities and features makes your chances higher. The more features and game combinations you understand, the luckier you will be.

Progressive Jackpot

Most online casinos differentiate between jackpot and classic slots. All slots include a jackpot prize. That is why most players ask about the difference.

A progressive jackpot is the answer. It is a prize increasing every time a player plays a slot game. The jackpot keeps increasing until a player earns it. The longer the jackpot goes without claiming, the bigger it will be. To win the maximum jackpot, you should set the maximum limit. If you bet less, you will only receive a small portion of the jackpot.

For example, if many players are playing the same game at the same time, they will be playing for the same jackpot. The prize becomes big after a while.


Multiple betting is a type of betting system allowing players to make a series of bets on a single betting slip. Besides, there are different forms of the multiple betting system. For example, the simplest multiple betting system is Acca or humble accumulator. In this system, all the results must come to make the accumulator bet successful. If one bet is not successful, the entire bet will be lost and the player loses the stake too.

Punters are allowed to make a greater return using the results’ series instead of taking low odds from one result. For example, instead of making 3 bets at evens, it is better to place a single three-fold accumulator with odds of 7/1.

The number of bets that a place can have a multiple is unlimited. The more the bets are, the better the odds will be. However, the bet will be less likely to become a winning bet. Multiples can be two different doubles and can reach up to 15 or even more. A treble is a term describing three bets for a player’s multiple while an accumulator describes 4 or more bets. Besides, bets can be called folds. For example, 5 bets are known as 5-fold, 6 bets as 6-fold, and so on.

Some slot machines depend on multiple betting systems to keep the budget. These machines may not work as a way to improve the odds. Instead, they allow the player to enjoy the game for a long time while having enough money to play.

How Do Game Buttons work?

  • Auto/Start: Players can start simply by hitting the “auto/start” button, which is normally located right on the main screen.
  • + and –: Use the +/- buttons on either side of the Auto Start button and set the number of spins (1-99) that you wish to play then select Auto Start.
  • Lines: It is the line on which a payout will be awarded based on winning combinations. There are X amount of paylines in any given slot, whether that number be 1 or 100.
  • Bet Per Line: A line bet refers to the activated paylines on multiple payline slot machines. Usually, max bets must be played to activate all the paylines on these kinds of slot machines
  • Bet Max: Bet max refers to the number of credits on a slot machine that a player can bet per spin. Bet max is usually a button on the slot machine that enables the player to bet the maximum number of credits or units allowable per spin of the slot machine. Usually, the highest payout amounts are calculated for the bet max spins.
  • Spin/Stop: The reels will show what the random number generator tells them to, regardless of whether you stop them.
  • Gamble: The idea behind them is that they give players a chance to play a ‘double or nothing’ round with any winnings earned during the main game.
  • Collect: This is a button in online slots that allows players to convert credits back into real cash.

Slot Machine Definitions

  • Bonus Feature: The Bonus is an extra round that has different rules from the base game and usually offers higher payouts.
  • Coin Denomination: It is the value of each credit played on a particular slot machine.
  • Fixed Jackpot: A fixed jackpot slot game is close to a regular slot. A fixed jackpot is far more rewarding. It usually has a maximum payout worth between 100-500x your wager.
  • Free Spins: These are extra spins usually triggered by scatter symbols, which are cost you nothing and give you wins based on your last wager.
  • Max Bet: The maximum wager a player can place on a slot, with all paylines active and the highest possible coin denomination. In most slots, slot strategy dictates that the player should play with all possible paylines active.
  • Multipliers: A special symbol that increases the payout if it is part of a winning payline. Multiplier symbols can be x2, x3, x4, and even more.
  • Odds: This number represents the percentage of money the slots will pay back to players over time.
  • Paylines: The positions where matching symbols count for a winning combination.
  • Payout: The money received for landing a winning combination.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Progressive jackpots change over time. Progressive jackpot slots have lower RTP in their base game, and each wager placed contributes to building a progressive pot that increases over time.
  • Reels: The spinning drums on which the symbols are displayed.
  • Scatter: The scatter symbol is a special bonus symbol marked as such in your game’s paytable.
  • Wilds: A special slot symbol that can replace any other symbol. is for informational purposes only. The site does not accept deposits and does not conduct real money games.